Women can lower their risk for gynecologic cancers

An article published in Science Daily on 9/16/2013 states that women can lower their risk for gynecologic cancers. They gave the following four recommendations:

Know your family history. Some breast and ovarian cancers as well as some colon and uterine cancers are genetic. Seeing a genetic counselor may help you develop screening and risk-reducing steps that may save your life.

Watch your weight. Uterine cancer is the most common gynecologic cancer. Being overweight is directly linked to both the risk of it and to the success of its treatment.

Vaccinate. If you are younger than 26 please consider being vaccinated with one of the 2 HPV vaccines available today. They have been shown to significantly reduce your risk of HPV which is known to cause cervical cancer.

Seek a specialist. If you do develop a gynecologic cancer, being treated by a gynecologic Oncologist improves your chance of survival.

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