Early Surgical Abortion (First trimester)

We provide early surgical abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy, under the care of the most experienced Board Certified Gynecologists and Anesthesiologists (female upon request) in the state of New Jersey.

Early Surgical Abortion Procedure

  1. Our patients have the option of local anesthesia, conscious sedation or general anesthesia.
  2. A surgical abortion using Dilation and Curretage (D&C), is typically done under anesthesia.
  3. Once an ultrasound has confirmed the size of your pregnancy, your surgery will be performed by one of our Board Certified Gynecologists.
  4. Our anesthesiologist will start an IV, and will monitor your anesthesia throughout the procedure.
  5. The surgeon begins by dilating (widening) your cervix in order to pass a vacurette into the uterus. The thin plastic device will gently remove the pregnancy tissue, completing the procedure. The process should take between 7 and 10 minutes.
  6. Following the surgery, you will be assisted to the Recovery Room where a registered nurse will monitor your vital signs and bleeding.
  7. Once you are well enough to sit in a chair, you will be offered a pain reliever and a snack.
  8. You will also be given oral and written post-operative instructions, before you are discharged to a responsible adult who can drive you home.

When You Arrive At Women’s Choice

A receptionist will greet you and ask you to complete a medical history form. After a review of your chart, you will be brought to the laboratory where you will leave a urine specimen in order for your pregnancy to be confirmed. A small amount of blood will be drawn to test for anemia and to determine your RH factor.

One of our physicians will perform an ultrasound to establish the size of your pregnancy.

A qualified peer counselor will then explain the abortion procedure to you. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss your feelings and concerns about your decision. The counselor will give you post-operative instructions and discuss risks and complications with you. She will also be happy to talk about birth control methods that are available to you.

In the operating room, you will be attended to by a nurse, an Anesthesiologist, and a Board Certified Gynecologist. Once your procedure is completed, you will rest in the recovery room. After approximately, 30 minutes you will be discharged by an Registered Nurse.

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Exclusivity Available

Evening appointments are available Monday through Saturday, in the utmost private, dignified, confidential, safe and caring environment. Please notify us when requesting your appointment.


Other providers (including web providers) may prescribe you the ABORTION PILL, but they DO NOT have their own medical staff to provide 24/7 total care in case of an adverse effect or emergency.

At a Women’s Choice we provide 24/7 service with the most experienced and leading experts of OB-GYN physicians in the state of New Jersey. We will also provide you with complete and total continuity of care through your procedure — other clinics may refer you to a local emergency room OR an other unaffiliated professional if there’s an emergency, resulting in a GREAT INCONVENIENCE and/or EXTRA COSTS to YOU.