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  1. Tobacco Use and Cessation Among Women: Research and Treatment-Related Issues

    Rahmanian SD, Diaz PT, Wewers ME. Physicians at the Ohio State University have written a review article that discusses specific issues that are unique to women and tobacco use. Tobacco use is responsible for many diseases affecting women today, most notably COPD and lung cancer. There has been a large increase in the number of…

  2. Women can lower their risk for gynecologic cancers

    An article published in Science Daily on 9/16/2013 states that women can lower their risk for gynecologic cancers. They gave the following four recommendations: Know your family history. Some breast and ovarian cancers as well as some colon and uterine cancers are genetic. Seeing a genetic counselor may help you develop screening and risk-reducing steps…

  3. Nueces – Consejos para una buena alimentación de la mujer

    Un nuevo estudio hecho a 13.800 mujeres dio como resultado que las mujeres que consumen 8 onzas o más por día de nueces, reducen de peso. Pesan menos después del estudio y disminuyen el riesgo de diabetes en un 24%.