Surgical Abortion

Abortions performed in the middle months of pregnancy is a significantly different procedure from the first trimester. Although there are similarities, as pregnancy progresses through the second trimester, the surgical abortion procedure used, requires greater time, skill and entails somewhat greater risk, though still significantly lower than carrying a pregnancy to term.

We will evaluate and make arrangements for surgical abortions up to 24 weeks, under the total medical care of the most experienced Board Certified OB/GYNs and anesthesiologist in the state of New Jersey at our nearby facility for procedures over 14 weeks.

Our team of Board Certified gynecologists will perform your surgical abortion under anesthesia.

Our doctors have been providing second trimester terminations for over 30 years. Many New Jersey genetic counselors and area gynecologists refer their own patients to us for both elective and medically indicated procedures. We can arrange for genetic testing and burial or cremation if that is your wish.

The two-day procedures are completed in our affiliated state licensed sister facility. If you require a two-day procedure, and live further than one hour away, you should make arrangements to stay in the area overnight.

Fetal Anomalies

The most distressed patients that reach out to us for care are, with no doubt, those that must terminate a loved and wanted pregnancy.

The news that the pregnancy, one has nurtured and cared for has abnormalities, or has resulted in a fetal demise (death), may have patients facing the dreaded choice of proceeding to terminate.

We recognize the tremendous hurt and grief you are going through and promise to help you through this painful transition at our nearby facility in New Jersey.

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Other providers (including web providers) may prescribe you the ABORTION PILL, but they DO NOT have their own medical staff to provide 24/7 total care in case of an adverse effect or emergency.

At a Women’s Choice we provide 24/7 service with the most experienced and leading experts of OB-GYN physicians in the state of New Jersey. We will also provide you with complete and total continuity of care through your procedure — other clinics may refer you to a local emergency room OR an other unaffiliated professional if there’s an emergency, resulting in a GREAT INCONVENIENCE and/or EXTRA COSTS to YOU.