Pregnant After An Abortion

A big concern among young women planning to get abortions is whether or not it will impact their fertility in the future. As long as there are no complications during the procedure, a woman can become pregnant again almost immediately after if proper precautions are not in place.

It is strongly recommended that a woman does not engage in sexual intercourse until after her first follow up appointment (usually 2 weeks after the procedure) and to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks for her body to heal and her cycle to resume before trying to get pregnant again.

The biggest threat to fertility post procedure is infection. While getting an infection during an abortion is reduced due to antibiotics prescribed by the doctors either before or after the procedure, there is still a chance that an infection can occur. It is very important to report any adverse or abnormal occurrences post procedure to the doctor immediately, including fever, severe pain, or vaginal discharge with a strong or foul odor.

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