Why Choose Us

Why you should choose Women’s Choice Medical Center

It’s important to us, that you clearly know what sets us apart from other abortion providers and why most women choose us.

Safe & Individualized Care

Providing quality medical care and abortion services to women in a PRIVATE doctor’s office. You’ll receive confidential, and safe abortion care in a compassionate environment.

A female anesthesiologist, is available upon request, if you prefer to have one in the procedure room with you, the doctor and a female nurse.

Abortion Pill Service & Care 24/7

Many other abortion providers (including, web providers) may prescribe you the Abortion Pill, but they DO NOT have their own medical staff to provide 24/7 total care, in case of an adverse effect or emergency.

At Women’s Choice Medical Center we provide the Abortion Pill and care 24/7 with the most experienced and leading experts of OB/GYN physicians in the state of New Jersey.

We provide complete and total continuity of care when providing the Abortion Pill. You will conveniently return to us for follow-up care.

New Jersey State Abortion Laws

The State of New Jersey does not require Parental Consent, nor is there a 24-Hour waiting period prior to having an abortion.

At Women’s Choice Medical Center we have seen and cared for many residents of Pennsylvania seeking abortion care without such restrictions.

Qualified Doctors with Decades of Experience

All of our Board Certified OB/GYNs are affiliated with Englewood Hospital, and have years of experience providing abortion care in a SAFE, comforting manner.

Well Respected Staff

Our Anesthesiologists, experienced nursing and counseling staff, will all be on hand to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns on a one-to-one basis.

We have reputation for providing quality, compassionate abortion care in a warm, safe environment. We greet and treat EACH patient with PERSONAL CARE.

Call our center to learn more about why you should choose Women’s Choice Medical Center.

How to Choose an Abortion Provider

When choosing an abortion provider, do your research! Not all abortion facilities are alike.

There are some important questions you need to ask and you are entitled to know the answers before you make your appointment.

  1. What is the exact location of the facility? A vague response like “the NY-NJ area” is not an answer!
  2. Is the physician a gynecologist and is he/she board certified?
  3. What hospital is the doctor affiliated with and how far is it from the facility?
  4. Is there a clinic physician on call 24 hours a day if I have an emergency after my procedure?
  5. If the facility offers the “abortion pill“, how is it administered? Is it the actual abortion pill, Mifeprex, or another medication?
  6. Will I be offered anesthesia by an anesthesiologist? Is there an additional charge for “general” anesthesia?
  7. How long has the facility been operating? What do other patients say about it on line?
  8. Will there be an RN in the operating room at the time of my procedure?
  9. Will I have an opportunity to ask questions and speak with a counselor before the procedure?
  10. Is a follow-up exam offered by a gynecologist and is there an extra charge?